Barrett Technology at CeBIT'09

At the opening of CeBIT'09, Barrett Technology, a company of which Robotnik is a dealer at a European level, held a demonstration with the assistance of the Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and the German Chancellor Angela Merkel.



Robotnik is a new member of EURON, the "European Robotics Research Network" .

EURON is a community of people with a common interest: robots. Its purpose is to bring together the best groups and resources in research, industry and education in Europe and to demonstrate Europe's world class position in robotics.


Guardians in the London Science Museum

The London Science Museum has opened an  exhibition about the GUARDIANS project, with the title "Robots to the Rescue!".


National Robotic Conferences 2007

Robotnik took part in the last National Robotic Conferences in Barcelona the days 14 and 15 of May. Robotnik also launched it's new products line.



Robotnik, new member of  EUROP (European Robotics Platform).