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Robotnik designs, manufactures and markets autonomous mobile robots and manipulators, capable of working autonomously in collaborative environments, sharing space with humans.

Our activity in the service robotics sector started in 2002 and we are currently a reference in mobile robotics in the world and leaders in Europe, having presence in the main international markets: Korea, Japan, China, Singapore, USA, France, Germany or Italy.

In Jan 2023, United Robotics Group, the German-based ecosystem of service robotics companies, announced the agreement to acquire a majority stake in Robotnik. With this move, United Robotics Group continued to partner with leading robotic experts contributing to launching the successful third generation of service robots, CobiotX (Robots-for-Humans).

About United Robotics Group

Founded by Thomas Hähn in 2020, United Robotics Group unites service robotics companies in a unique ecosystem by bundling hardware and software expertise under one roof. Headquartered in Bochum, Germany, URG brings together cutting-edge technology and robotics experts from both the social and industrial sectors.

URG is the company that created CobiotX, the 3rd generation of robotics – robots for humans, with a firm commitment to develop standardized and customized solutions that respond to societal and business challenges in the life sciences, healthcare and assistance, hospitality, education, intralogistics, maintenance and surveillance sectors, with quality, data protection and sustainability as key driving forces. People at the center of it all.

RSBG SE, the investment entity of RAG-Stiftung, which focuses on technology- and engineering-driven companies, is a majority shareholder of United Robotics Group. SoftBank Robotics Group is a minority shareholder of United Robotics Group.




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Robotnik, leader in mobile service robotics

Our activity, as a leading company in mobile robotics in Europe, is focused on the development and manufacture of mobile platforms and mobile manipulators, as well as the development of engineering projects and R&D projects in mobile service robotics.

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Robotnik is experiencing rapid growth in the global market and is proud to offer dedicated representation in over 5 continents. So, we are looking for new distributors.

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