Intralogistics automation in an automotive plant  

Our clients require the automation of the repetitive tasks of transporting, loading and unloading materials and shortages from the warehouse to the different points of the workshop, operating collaboratively with the whole team.  

This case requires a compact robot capable of autonomously navigating the entire plant, including corridors or other confined areas. 

The objective was on the one hand to unblock the different areas by reducing the transit of personnel with forklift trucks and, on the other hand, to save operators the time spent going back and forth to supply materials or missing parts. 

This has led to successful results in terms of a reduction in the number of accidents at work, a better quality of work and a significant reduction in downtimes.  

Robotnik’s robotics solution

This AMR, with its robust stainless steel design, can carry loads of up to 250 kg, making it particularly suitable for indoor logistics transport applications. 

RB-STEEL performs autonomous navigation tasks to transport the parts and materials from the warehouse to the production line. If, during the course of the mission, the robot encounters an unexpected obstacle or an operator, it  automatically stops and recalculates the optimal route to the destination point.

The operator in the warehouse prepares the orders, instructs the RB-STEEL where to leave them, and another operator receives them at the destination location. Then, at the touch of a button, an operator commands the robot to its next mission, either to continue to the next delivery or to return to the warehouse.


This company does not have any specialised robotic programming experts. Thanks to the Advanced User Interface, the process of incorporating RB-STEEL has been easier for the whole team. It is the tool that Robotnik has developed to facilitate the control of the robot by the end user. 

Through this interface and after a simple training, operators can monitor the levels of the robot, generate maps, define routes or points of interest and control the different on-board sensors. 

The RB-STEEL can also be teleoperated for remote and local operation via the Internet with the real-time interface.

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