Autonomous transport of materials in a wind turbine company

The multinational company SIEMENS Gamesa designs, manufactures and installs wind turbines.The objective of incorporating mobile robotics in its production plant is to automate part of the logistics chain to reduce downtime and avoid the most repetitive and physically costly tasks for operators. 

SIEMENS Gamesa decided to replace an AGV that had been installed since 2006 since its hardware was obsolete.  

Robotnik’s robotics solution

The autonomous mobile robot RB-ROBOUT is an AMR designed to transport both material trolleys and loads directly placed on the platform.

The main application of the mobile platform within this production line is the transfer of trays located in different positions within the factory: the robot receives the transport order from the production system and executes it, exchanging signals with the different work tables so that they are activated when the robot is in position.

RB-ROBOUT has the capacity to transport loads up to one tonne in weight and move them between different points within an industrial environment, sharing work space with people safely.


The RB-ROBOUT developed for this application brings more versatility to the installation than the previous AGV thanks to its omnidirectional movement based on 4 high power driving wheels, and an automatic charging station that allows greater autonomy to the system.

In addition, the AMR can combine navigation by magnetic tape or 2D SLAM.

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