Autonomous Mobile Robot for surveillance tasks

Autonomous mobile robotics introduces the private security industry to new surveillance possibilities.They can also enhance traditional surveillance services, thus improving efficiency and reducing operational costs. 

Private security companies currently face difficulties in finding qualified personnel because surveillance tasks are often performed in adverse weather conditions, with irregular working hours and dangerous working conditions.

Automating surveillance tasks with mobile robots brings an innovative solution to improve the quality of security services. Automation reduces costs, prevents and minimizes risks, increases worker safety and facilitates access to hard-to-reach areas.

In this use case, a private security company installs the RB-WATCHER autonomous mobile robot in the distribution center of a logistics company.

RB-WATCHER carries out surveillance tasks to ensure the security of the site:

Autonomous patrolling of the pre-defined area following a planned schedule.

Real time monitoring of the cameras and sensors

Remote operation

Fire detection

Optional video transmission of blurred faces for privacy purposes

Real-time alarm transmission through several communication channels

Collection and post-analysis of gathered data

Communication of incidents in real time

Robotnik's robotics solution

The RB-WATCHER mobile surveillance robot operates intelligently in any indoor or outdoor space, including areas that are difficult to access or exposed to unfavorable weather conditions, thus overcoming the limitations of static surveillance camera circuits in terms of range, flexibility and responsiveness.

This autonomous system is capable of navigating and moving to any point autonomously or with teleoperation, avoiding static and dynamic obstacles that may arise. It reports alarm conditions data in real time to the control center.

RB-WATCHER is equipped with cutting-edge sensor and location technology based on 3D SLAM and GPS, as well as other advanced devices such as the thermal camera and the specific PTZ surveillance camera to achieve maximum precision and autonomy in all operations.


This logistics facility covers a 9,000 m² area, including both indoor and outdoor spaces. The distribution centre of the company holds a high volume of sensitive stock and requires 24/7 surveillance to ensure the security of the site against theft, environmental anomalies or any other potential risks.

RB-WATCHER is an advanced security system, equipped with high-definition cameras, motion sensors and other detection and communication devices to maintain constant and reliable monitoring of indoor and outdoor areas.

The robot is programmed to patrol assigned areas and detect unusual activity. If an intrusion or suspicious activity is detected, it sends an alert to security personnel at the control centre and provides the information gathered in real time about the location and nature of the threat. The staff receive real-time information at the control centre.

In addition to patrolling and monitoring the distribution site, the robot can perform other security tasks, such as checking that doors and windows are properly closed and that other security systems are working properly.

RB-WATCHER integrates intrusion detection modules for the recognition of unknown persons or vehicles. Although different strategic routes are pre-set 24 hours a day, if necessary a worker from the monitoring center can teleoperate the robot through the HMI (Human Machine Interface) to navigate it to the specific point to be examined.

The use of the RB-WATCHER not only regulates the security of the product storage, but also reduces the operational cost of surveillance tasks and the time in which they are executed. This surveillance robot allows security personnel to focus on higher value tasks.

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