Automation of inspection tasks and autonomous scanning in the construction sector

The objective of this use case is to maintain a constant and dynamic pace in the process of collecting indoor and outdoor environmental information from the surroundings of a construction site. This is very relevant since there are multiple external factors that interfere in the execution of these inspection tasks, causing stoppages in the workflow, such as weather factors, for example. 

For this case of Lean construction through mobile robotics, the RB-SUMMIT travels around the construction site and performs a scan to compare the real state of the same, comparing it with the plans of the 3D BIM model. The evaluation of the construction site against the BIM map serves to confirm that the project is progressing as planned.

In order to have an efficient control of the progress of a project, the collection of information has to be a constant task, which must be carried out in all phases from the beginning to the end of the project.  

Traditionally, this process was carried out by operators in day and night shifts. However, by automating and digitising these tasks, the following can be achieved: 

Redirecting operators to occupations where they provide more value

Constantly identifying errors and possible deviations and enabling the team to react immediately, making the appropriate decisions

Optimising the use of material and human resources

Reduction of accidents that can lead to personal injury, as well as additional economic costs

Robotnik’s robotics solution

RB-SUMMIT mobile robot is an autonomous robotic vehicle suitable for autonomous operation in both indoor and outdoor environments. 

In this inspection robot example, the AMR integrates a high-precision laser scanner and a thermal camera to reconstruct the environment and obtain the status of the construction site, updated in real time. Equipped with the appropriate sensorisation and technology, it collects environmental information that is subsequently processed and transformed into useful information for the human team through an external interface. 

Another advantage of the RB-SUMMIT is that it has an autonomy of up to 10 hours, with the possibility of automatic recharging through its charging station. 


One of the challenges of this inspection robotics use case was to develop the AMR adapted, at hardware and software level, to the particularities of a construction site environment: versatility, strength and adequate sensorisation to capture the critical information of the environment. 

In this way, the robot performs the inspection mission both indoors and outdoors and in changing weather conditions, within the same work shift.

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