Robotic solution for the horticultural field

INJER-ЯOBOTS, UNIVERSAL ROBOTIC SYSTEM FOR GRAFTING OF SEEDLING, has the aim to develop a flexible and universal system for automated graft seedlings, based on anthropomorphic robots. The project forms part of the European Coordination Hub of Open Robotics Development (ECHORD ++) funded under the Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP7).

The robotic system will undertake automated processes with different species of plants by using an industrial dual arm robot for grafting and machine visión for analytics and quality control of the system operating. The European Project will develop a complete and integrated robotic solution in the horticultural field.

Robotnik with the support of CT Tecnova and Ingro Maquinaria will work together to develop the robotics system. Robotnik is responsible for the communication and extending of the advanced capabilities of ROS software.

Project Partners