Mobile intervention manipulator

RISING aims to develop a novel multi-purpose robotic platform with advanced manipulators and beyond state-of-the-art communications and information processing capabilities for situation awareness, assessment and intervention of law enforcement and first responders. The new RISING robot presents robot-to-robot communications and improved operation controls with advanced sensing and 3D interactive markers to enhance user interaction in difficult, dangerous and dirty missions.

The RISING Project will research and develop a new robotic system to assist the operations of law enforcement agencies and first responders in environments that are difficult (impossible physical access), dangerous (hostile) and dirty (hazardous). The RISING results comprise:

  1. The robotic platform, integrating different sensors (optical and thermal cameras, environmental, nuclear, biological, chemical, radiological and explosives) and a robotic arm with several end-effectors options (grippers or tools);
  2. The wireless broadband mesh communications incorporating robust waveforms, supporting data exchange of large amounts of data (including video) and enabling multi-robot cooperation;
  3. The advanced operation control console, with enhanced user interface and visualisation capabilities, including visual analytics and advanced controls for an immersive user experience;
  4. Indoor location and 3D modelling algorithm, generating advanced 3D mapping of the environment.

Project Partners