Robotic ecology with self-learning capacity

This project has as aim to create a self-learning robotic ecology, called RUBICON (for Robotic UBIquitous COgnitive Network), consisting of a network of sensors, effectors and mobile robot devices.

Enabling robots to seamlessly operate as part of these ecologies is an important challenge for robotics R&D, in order to support applications such as ambient assisted living, security, etc.

A RUBICON ecology will be able to teach itself about its environment and to take the best way to perform different tasks.The ecology will act as a persistent memory and source of intelligence for all its participants and it will exploit the mobility and the better sensing capabilities of the robots to verify and provide the feedback on its own performance.

As the nodes of a RUBICON ecology will support a mutually learning, the ecology will identify, commission and fulfil tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Project Partners