Integration and Harmonization of Logistics Operations.

TRACE is an R&D project that is part of Horizon Europe, focusing on the transport and logistics sector within the framework of the Eco-Research and Innovation Programme. 

The aim of this project is to improve the efficiency, transparency and sustainability of the logistics sector. To this end, a smart platform will be developed and implemented to integrate and homogenize heterogeneous logistics operations involving different processes.

28 partners from 11 different countries will work together sharing knowledge and expertise in different areas to develop the TRACE platform, which is expected to offer an improved logistics landscape, facilitating and streamlining the processes that are part of any logistics environment, using a single platform.

A marketplace of services and collaborative tools will be created to facilitate open cooperation between logistics operators. 

To achieve these objectives, different technologies will be used and developed: Cloud computing, blockchain transactions, AI and machine learning, unmanned aerial and ground vehicles or secure data management. 

The TRACE platform will be tested in three large-scale pilots in Greece, Italy and Slovenia to demonstrate the results obtained as the project evolves.


Robotnik brings mobile robotics know-how and experience to the project. Robotnik is leading Task 3.6, in which the platform will be tested and validated, and Work Package 6, which concerns large-scale demonstration activities.

In the TRACE project, Robotnik’s RB-VOGUI robot will be tested outdoors for last mile deliveries in pedestrian areas, which will be an important step towards the automation of urban logistics. Sensors and communication devices become essential tools for the robot to safely navigate its environment, sense its surroundings, interact with other urban actors and connect to the TRACE platform.

Project partners