Next 9 May, the 5G Forum will take place in Seville. the first multidisciplinary meeting on 5G technology to be held in Spain,

On this scenario, leading 5G companies will share their experiences and present, also with real-time demonstrations, their latest developments to a high-level professional audience.

Robotnik at 5G Forum

Robotnik will attend the event where they will share the advances of 5G technology and its applications in mobile robotics.
The AMR SUMMIT-XL will show in a live demo, the tasks it is developing in one of the use cases of the 5G PILOTS project in which companies like Orange are working.

This use case consists of the remote inspection of railway installations in which the SUMMIT-XL uses 5G communication with huge amounts of data in real time, allowing highly specialised tasks to be carried out in environments where was impossible in the past.

5g forum


  • Sevilla (FIBES), Spain


  • May 9-13, 2022


  • Trade fair