Modular platform for the deployment and management of fleets of autonomous vehicles and logistics robots in SMEs

Logistics management in SMEs is a fundamental part of a country’s economy. On many occasions, small and medium-sized companies face technical or economic difficulties to really move towards the so-called Industry 4.0 through mobile robotics.
The main objective of the project is the development of a platform (LogiBlock), which facilitates the deployment, planning, management and supervision of fleets of robots and autonomous vehicles in SMEs to perform logistics tasks in industrial environments.

The LogiBlock platform is based on the following technological enablers:
●  Autonomous vehicles and collaborative robots for logistics applications: LogiBlock will integrate with autonomous vehicles and collaborative robots designed to execute logistics tasks in industrial environments. The robots will be able to execute tasks in the internal logistics of companies, favouring the automation and efficiency of processes.

●  Supervision and monitoring in the cloud: Logiblock will deploy a set of cloud services that will connect the physical elements (robots) with the management and optimisation logic, allowing decoupling the control aspects from the operations.

●  Fleet management and optimisation: LogiBlock will implement services that facilitate robot fleet management, optimal planning and sequencing of operations, routing and monitoring of operations through indicators. The algorithms and analytical techniques used will be integrated into applications in a simple and efficient way using the Function as a Service (FaaS) cloud computing paradigm.

●  Blockchain and traceability in the supply chain: LogiBlock will provide traceability of operations using Industrial IoT and blockchain technologies, to facilitate collaboration between the different actors in the supply chain.



Robotnik’s role in the LogiBlock project will be to lead work package 3, which aims to integrate hardware and software elements into the robotic platforms to generate the necessary information for their management, as well as to ensure safe robot navigation, using human-aware planning algorithms to predict the activities and movements of the operators.

The LogiBlock project will allow Robotnik to develop new innovative solutions in the logistics and inland transport sector, responding to the main challenges currently existing through the application of new key technologies.

Robotnik will also provide the mobile platforms on which the developments of the project will pivot and will be in charge of integrating the HW and SW developments originated in the different work packages in an RB-1 BASE platform, adapting it to the requirements of the project and preparing it for the different demonstrator pilots.

Project Partners