Proyecto VOJEXT

Value of Joint Experimentation in Digital Technologies for Manufacturing and Construction

The VOJEXT project aims at providing a favourable business and technological framework to enable matchmaking and encourage producers and adopters (mainly SMEs including small crafters) of Cognitive autonomous systems for human-robot interaction, specially “cobots”, dynamizing science-driven industry approaches for the European industry.

VOJEXT will design, develop, validate and demonstrate affordable, market-oriented, agile, multipurpose and easy- to-repurpose, autonomous, mobile and dexterous robotic systems as the main component of a smart, agile and scalable cognitive CPS for industry; under the vision of providing Value Of Joint EXperimentation (VOJEXT) in digital technologies to manufacturing and construction industry; while having DIHs as drivers of innovation based economic development in Europe.

An improved human-robot collaboration will allow a fluid robot interaction based on safety, gender and ergonomics principles, leading to better working conditions. In order to attract and involve a large number of entrepreneurs, SMEs and mid-caps in the innovative ecosystem, a wide range of initiatives, activities and events will be planned with special focus on community building and long-term sustainability.



The main responsibilities of Robotnik in the project are:

Development of a version of mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS+ from Robotnik.

Development the middleware modules.

Development of the simulation tools.

Low level planning, grasping and navigation control.

Project Partners