Development of an automatic approach to Measurement Aided Assembly of large-scale Structures

The major goal of the MAAS project is to develop an efficient automated solution for the manufacturing of aircraft sub-assemblies. The project aims to evaluate the use of collaborative robots and related automated activities within manufacturing, assembly, and inspection operations.

A mobile robotics solution will be designed, developed, and integrated into a prototype assembly line.

This project is to develop an end-to-end assembly process to reduce the costs in the aircraft assembly operations, to develop a robot scanning solution to scan and inspect an aircraft wing using a mobile collaborative robot platform, and to generate and manage digital 3D scans of the aircraft parts for best fit assembly operations.

The final goal is to demonstrate a production cell which will integrate:

● Efficient manufacturing processes intended for parts assembly.

● Visual inspection of individual parts.

● Robot-assisted assembly and quality assurance of the  nal sub-assembly by 3D scanning techniques.



The rol of Robotnik in the project is the following:

● Development of large mobile manipulator for autonomous screwing of panels on wings.

● Development of safe and reliable indoor SLAM navigation system.

● Development of autonomous battery changing device.

Project Partners