Mobile Robotic Platforms for Active Inspection and Harvesting in Agricultural Areas

The incorporation of intelligent robotic technologies into agricultural production not only benefits productivity but also improves the working conditions of farmers and labourers. Intelligent systems are becoming the go-to solution to push towards precision agriculture, while a large number of farmer operations are already transitioning to full autonomy.

BACCHUS intelligent mobile robotic system promises to reproduce hand harvesting operations, while at the same time take the manual legwork out by autonomously operating in four different levels:

● Performing robot navigation with quality performance guarantee in order to inspect the crops and collect data from the agricultural area through embedded sensorial system;
● Performing bi-manual harvesting operations with the needed finesse using a modular robotic platform,
● Employing additive manufacturing for adjusting the robot gripper to the geometry of the different crops,
● Presenting advanced cognitive capabilities and decision making skills.


Robotnik aims to provide a new version of our RB-VOGUI-XL robot with two arms totally integrated on it. The platform will be used for providing a solution of picking grapes in vineyard.

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