Robot for autonomous underground trenchless operations, mapping and navigation

The goal of the proposed project is the design and development of the BADGER autonomous underground robotic system that can drill, manoeuvre, localise, map and navigate in the underground space, and which will be equipped with tools for constructing horizontal and vertical networks of stable bores and pipelines. The proposed robotic system will enable the execution of tasks that cut across different application domains of high societal and economic impact including trenchless constructions, cabling and pipe installations, geotechnical investigations, large-scale irrigation installations, search and rescue operations, remote science and exploration, and defence applications.


The main tasks of Robotnik within the project deal with the design and development of specific components of the robotic system such as the joint module and the installation of the printer head on to a robot follower or onto the last module of the articulated robot. Also Robotnik carries out part of the exploitation plan and exploitation activities of the autonomous compact mobile robotic tunnelling robotic system.

Project Partners