Mobile manipulator for the removal of asbestos in buildings

Bots2Rec is a robotic system used for the automated removal of asbestos contamination. It will consist of multiple mobile robotic units that perform the asbestos-removal-tasks autonomously. Each unit consists of a mobile platform and robotic arm with an abrasive tool. The combination of optical and radar sensor systems will allow the environmental perception and local monitoring of the asbestos-removal-tasks.

Supported by a user interface, the operator can select different areas on a virtual representation of the rehabilitation site and assign asbestos-removal-tasks. Based on the user input, the central process control system plans the task allocation and collaboration between the mobile units and their movements and trajectories autonomously.

The user interface allows the permanent supervision of the automated process and optional remote control. All robotic units are connected to a central aspiration and energy supply to remove the waste from the rehabilitation site and supply sufficient energy for the robotic units.


Robotnik Automation SLL contributes its knowledge and expertise regarding design, integration, control and navigation of mobile platforms and robotic arms, especially for harsh environments.

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