Improving Building Information Modelling by Real Time Tracing of Construction Processes

BIMprove aims to help European industry undertake a digital transformation, taking advantage of Digital Twin technology to take construction towards Industry 4.0.

The main objectives of BIMprove are a significant reduction in costs, a better use of resources and a reduction in the number of accidents on construction sites. By providing a complete digital workflow, BIMprove will help to sustainably improve productivity and enhance the image of the European construction industry, supporting a green and safe industry.

The construction industry clearly needs to move towards a more digital model in which all parties involved in the construction process can participate. BIMprove facilitates a digital environment with autonomous monitoring systems, which allow deviations to be continuously identified and the Digital Twin updated accordingly.



Robotnik is in charge of the development of a new and pioneering mobile robot based on SUMMIT-XL, whose function is to collect indoor and outdoor environmental information on construction sites. This information will be fed into the BIMsync tool, where it will be processed and transformed into useful information that helps decision-making.

In this way, Robotnik will develop the data acquisition system on the ground (route planning, location and positioning and safety aspects and human-machine interaction). 

Project Partners