Development of a remote installation and maintenance system for industrial equipment using augmented reality and collaborative robotics

HERMES intends to develop and validate a system that allows an expert to remotely indicate, monitor and validate the result of different tasks carried out by an operator during the installation of equipment, so that the expert does not need to travel to the location end of the team through the use of collaborative robotics technology and remote control.

HERMES is a solution based on augmented reality and collaborative robots, which allows experts to interact from home with local operators thousands of kilometers away to make the last adjustments and finish the installation of equipment, as well as its subsequent maintenance.

The remote assistance approaches that have been made in recent times for this type of action (videoconference, augmented reality glasses, sending messages, files, annotations, etc.) have a limited range of action, since many tasks require knowledge of the equipment that cannot be transmitted by audio or text, and a precision when carrying out the operations that cannot be achieved without prior training, for this reason the inclusion of a robot that can be managed remotely by the expert person will open a huge range of performances, both verification and actions to be carried out.


Robotnik participates in the definition of the architecture and in the development of the ROS/ROS2 controller, the communication and user interface of the collaborative manipulator and the necessary programming for the safe remote control of the robot arm. Robotnik is also participating in the testing and validation of this concept at the laboratory level and in a real installation.

Project partners