Development of robotics and mobile robotics systems for car washing and vehicle care

The main objective of this project is the development of robotics and mobile robotics systems in the context of vehicle care and washing. The project will consist of the research and development of a new automated and small-sized solution for washing vehicles without the need for the presence of their owners or the participation of cleaning operators, through the development of the concept of the robot worker.

Specifically, mobile manipulator robots will be developed for the exterior washing of vehicles through innovation in the use of artificial intelligence techniques, advanced sensorization, navigation, location and computer vision. For this, techniques and development of knowledge will be implemented on:

  • Mobile robotics for the positioning of outdoor washing tools.
  • Robotic actuators that allow interaction with surfaces in complex spaces.
  • Artificial intelligence for the recognition of objects in the external environment of vehicles.
  • Advanced sensing through instruments such as lidar or time-of-flight cameras.
  • Operations of the "robot worker" in a controlled and safe area, called the washing bay, through assisted and automated navigation systems for the location and positioning of the washing devices.


Robotnik’s main role in WASHCARROB is the research and development of location and navigation solutions appropriate to the environment, R&D related to vehicle surface mapping and autonomous trajectory planning for surface cleaning.

Project Partners