AI Powered human-centred Robot Interactions for Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing industries are changing environments and therefore ensuring safety and collaboration between humans and robots is key to the intelligent automation of production processes, not only for large companies but also for SMEs.  

AI-PRISM will provide an ecosystem of human-robot collaboration and cooperation in manufacturing work environments where tasks are difficult to automate and speed and versatility are essential. This integrated and scalable ecosystem will provide facility-specific solutions for semi-automated and collaborative manufacturing in flexible production processes. 

Through human-centric solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, it aims to support a paradigm shift where AI, robotics and Social Sciences and Humanities are integrated to improve SME production processes by increasing customer satisfaction levels and manufacturer productivity, at any stage.

The modular AI-PRISM collaborative robotics platform, compatible with different types of collaborative robots, will leverage AI-based solutions to acquire enhanced reasoning, perception and coordination capabilities when interacting with the environment, products, other systems and humans, within changing, dynamic and partially unpredictable manufacturing scenarios. AI-PRISM use cases and applications do not require specific robotic programming skills thanks to their programming through demonstration modules using different interaction modalities. The development of all AI-PRISM solutions is guided by a social-scientific analysis of human responses and requirements, focusing on safety, ergonomics and human capability management.


  • Creating a human-centred AI-based solutions ecosystem targeted to manufacturing scenarios.
  • Improving Human-Robot Collaborations by making machines aware of what human workers do, enabling them to reason, react and interact to expected and unexpected situations.
  • Supporting a change of paradigm where AI, robotics and Social Sciences and Humanities are integrated.
  • Overcoming the complexity of programming, providing an affordable and simple solution to SMEs.


In the context of AI-PRISM Robotnik will act as a robotic provider (together with Comau), thus being involved with robotics development and refinement to both mechanical design and control software, the definition of industrial robotic requirements and the support to demonstrators’ definition and validation.

Robotnik knowledge will contribute to the development of AI modules by supporting the technical partners and providing related Robotic valuable tools such as simulations and access to real collaborative robots, RB-THERON and RB-KAIROS+ devoted to intralogistics and mobile manipulation respectively.

With its expertise, Robotnik will also contribute to the “Human Centred Collaborative Robotic Platform” work package, with special dedication to the Collaborative Multiagent ROS based Robotic framework development. This framework will make it easier to enclose  the different AI modules developed in the project. 

Finally, Robotnik will have the strongest participation in the System Demonstration and Validation work package, where the focus will be put into the Integration and deployment of the AI-PRISM solutions into real industrial environments related to the several pilot cases, 4 real industrial environments and 1 industrial demonstration site in a technology provider. The monitoring and evaluation of the solution will be also a critical part of this work.

Project Partners