Practice-Based Virtual Conference on ROS Robot Programming.

ROS Developers Day is an annual hands-on robot programming online event for ROS developers from around the world and powered by The Construct.

This virtual conference aims to connect ROS developers from around the world to practice, learn and share ROS applications together in real time. Unlike the normal slide-type conference, this is a hands-on event with a focus on practice. All attendees will program the robot and reproduce the results of ROS projects together in real time while following the speakers’ demonstrations.

Robotnik at the event

Robotnik is sponsoring the event and will also be a speaker in the presentation part of the event. Maria Beneyto, R&D engineer at Robotnik, will participate along with 7 other international speakers and ROS experts to teach us live how to build a MoveIt planning scene for a Pick & Place application.

Robotnik has been working with the ROS framework since its beginnings, so all the robots that Robotnik develops and manufactures, support ROS software.

This has led to a close relationship with The Construct since its inception, collaborating in different ways. Throughout this time, they have been able to count on some of Robotnik’s most outstanding robots, such as the RB-1BASE or the RB-KAIROS+, for their academic offerings.

ROS Developers Day


  • Online


  • June 18, 2022


  • Virtual Conference