Advanced Urban Delivery and Refuse Recovery

AUDERE proposes to address, design and develop an intelligent urban solid waste collection system, as well as the logistics of the last mile in the delivery of goods and parcels through autonomous vehicles and 5G connectivity in residential areas and campus.
This new urban logistics concept is supported by different technologies and will require the development of prototypes of the system’s hardware and software elements including mobile robots (Robotnik), intelligent logistics and/or waste containers (Industrias Alegre), communications infrastructure (Fivecomm) and frontend and backend applications (Mosaik).


Robotnik’s main role in AUDERE’s project is the development of a safe and reliable outdoor localization and navigation system able to operate in GPS-denied zones, as also the development and implementation of a certificable robot safety system that will permit the robot transport operation in pedestrian zones of the urban environment, in close contact with pedestrians, bikes and electric scooters, among others.

Robotnik is also responsible for the electrical and mechanical adaptation of the proposed vehicle, RB-VOGUI; as well as the manufacturing of the first prototypes. Robotnik is also responsible for the development of a cloud based fleet management system able to interoperate with the AUDERE system, responsible for the coordination of the robot fleet, system containers and customers delivery events.

Project Partners