Barrett introduces the research edition of Proficio to the world today at the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine Conference (ACRM’14), being held in Toronto, Canada.

Proficio has the largest 3D haptics-force-field ever produced for the exploration of neuroplasticity of the brain. It is hoped that this device will soon be applicable to patients recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal-cord injury. The system encourages the user to explore 3D reaching tasks with complete freedom.

VirtualRehab, the physical therapy videogame platform developed by the company Virtualware, leverages this large 3D workspace with their deep roster of games that are engaging to the user. VirtualRehab then supports back-end data that can be used to tune parameters and collect critical user-performance data.

Therapists are sure to be impressed with all the possibilities that the Proficio will now give them when prescribing fun and effective therapeutic games for their patients, and the price is sure to be very attractive for research centres, hospitals and clinics. They have no doubt that the Proficio-VirtualRehab solution will prove to be a game changer within the rehabilitation field.