Robotnik sponsors the GTRob awards

Robotnik, once again, sponsors the GTRob (Robotics Thematic Group) awards from CEA Automática, an organization made up of numerous private partners and institutions in the field of automation, process control and new technologies.

The awards granted by the GTRob are the "Prize for the best doctoral thesis on robotics", with a prize of € 900; and the "Prize for the best robotics communication of the Automation Conference", with a cost of € 300. Both distinctions will be delivered within the framework of the ‘XL Automation Conference’ that will be held in Ferrol from September 4 to 6, 2019.

The Automation Conference is organized by different Spanish-speaking universities or research centers with the aim of bringing together professors, researchers, students and professionals in the field of Automation to discuss topics related to teaching and research (among others, automation and control, instrumentation, robotics, modeling and simulation of systems, etc.).


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Premio Robotnik al mejor trabajo fin de máster en robótica 2017

Alcalá de Henares, 28 nov (EFE).- Sergio García Gonzalo, alumno de la Universidad de Alcalá (UAH), ha recibido el Premio Robotnik al Mejor Trabajo Fin de Máster en Robótica 2015-2017, otorgado por la Sociedad Española para la Investigación y Desarrollo en Robótica (SEIDROB), por un proyecto en el que desarrolla técnicas que permiten a un 'drone' localizarse de forma autónoma en el interior de un edificio desconocido.

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The CEEI stands out to Robotnik as a reference company within the Service Robotics sector

Roberto Guzmán, CEO de Robotnik, collected the award

The European Center of Innovative Companies of Valencia has just recognized the trajectory of Robotnik granting us the CEEI Company Award. With it, Robotnik stands out as a reference company within the Service Robotics sector.

The award was presented during the celebration of the commemorative event of the 25th anniversary of the CEEI and was collected by our CEO, Roberto Guzmán. During this time, CEEI has made a great work in favor of the entrepreneurs and the innovative Valencian companies.

From Robotnik, we want to convey our sincere thanks to the CEEI for its support during all these years.

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Robotnik receives the FEVES award for its business trajectory

FEVES, Valencian Federation of Social Economy Enterprises, presented the Business Trajectory award to Robotnik Automation SLL during the conference held at the Eighth Congress FEVES.

Robotnik has been awarded for its business work in the Valencian productive economy.

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SUMMIT XL, the robot from the winner team of the ​RoboCup German Open 2015

The research team AutonOHM from the  Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm in Germany has achieved the triumph in the Rescue Robot League of RoboCup German Open 2015. They have reached the first position using their robot Simon based on our SUMMIT XL.

The SUMMIT XL has taken part in a competition which simulates a disaster scenario like a tsunami or an earthquake. The robot has been customize with a variety of sensors, 3D cameras, laser scanners, gas sensors and microphones to get the most mobility and autonomous robot as possible to develop tasks in the rescue area.


The team AutonOHM, formed by professional researchers on robotics and highly complex technology, have relied on one of the Robotnik flagship platforms, the SUMMIT XL to compete in the event. The robot is mainly focused on research and can be used on several applications like remote monitoring and surveillance. SUMMIT XL is an open-source mobile platform based on ROS.


The Team Phaethon from the University of Siegen has won at the Field Robot Event 2014

The Team Phaethon from the  University of Siegen has won the first place at the Field Robot Event 2014.

The SUMMIT robotic platform from Robotnik was the one chosen by the Team to participate in such event. The competition was about checking the capabilities of small and light robots (as the SUMMIT platform) on agriculture environments, including autonomous navigation at a corn field.

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Robotnik, winner of the EIBT Award

Robotnik, supported in its creation and consolidation by the CEEI Valencia (European Center for Innovative Enterprises), has been the winner in the category “Trajectory” of the EIBT National Award, that National Association of CEEIs in Spain (ANCES) given annually to the best Innovative Technology Companies supported by national centers.

Several factors have been decisive for ANCES to value the candidacy of Robotnik. On the one hand, its evolution in the turnover and in the company’s staff, as well as its level of innovation and technology; on the other hand, its participation in various international projects.

It has been also highlighted the efforts made by Robotnik in the internationalization process, through the opening of new markets, such as research, security, civil protection and service robotics, and the establishment of partnerships with major manufacturers worldwide.


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Robotnik patrocina los premios sobre Robótica que otorga el GTRob

Robotnik ha patrocinado los premios que el GtRob otorga todos los años a la mejor tesis doctoral defendida durante el anterior curso académico y al mejor póster presentado durante las Jornadas de Automática.

El galardón premia haber alcanzado el grado de Doctor en el año 2011 con una tesis doctoral sobre cualquier tema de Robótica y que haya sido realizada en un grupo de investigación miembro del Grupo Temático de Robótica (GTRob).

De entre las tesis doctorales presentadas al premio, el jurado seleccionará tres finalistas que presentarán sus trabajos durante las XXXIII Jornadas de Automática de Vigo, evento donde se realizará la entrega del premio.

En la presente edición de 2012, el Premio a la mejor tesis doctotal tiene una dotación de 900 €, mientras que el galardón al mejor póster es reconocido con 300 €.

PowerBall arm gets the MM Award

The Powerball concept from SCHUNK, the competence leader for clamping technology and gripping systems, takes another step forward: With the LWA 4 de SCHUNK the pioneer of modular robotics presents an especially compact and flexible aid for stationary and mobile applications in service robotics and industrial handling. The powerful lightweight module from the innovative family-owned company features a weight/payload ratio of 2:1 and is one of the most high-power lightweight arms in the world. At a dead weight of 12 kg, it can dynamically handle loads of up to 6 kg, and has a gripping radius of more than 700 mm. Due to the compact design of the front end, or wrist joint, the arm can be easily maneuvered in close spaces. Its excellent repeat accuracy of 0.06 mm provides for high process stability for demanding measuring and testing tasks. Also, the intelligent design prevents dangerous crushing and shearing movements, making it safe to use around people as well.

Central elements of the lightweight arm are three compact ERB Powerball modules, which combine the movements of two axes. The entire electronic control and regulation circuitry is integrated in the joint drives. Position, speed, and torque can be flexibly regulated. An innovative quick-change system with integrated signal feed-through allows for fast and easy commissioning of the Plug & Performance gripping system. Since the supply lines for gripper and tools are completely within the module, there are no interfering cables on the peripheral devices. Due to the integrated intelligence, universal communication interfaces and cable technology for data transfer and power supply, the arm can be quickly and easily integrated in existing control concepts. The manipulator is supplemented by an industrial robot controller with an integrated CoDeSys PLC. Teaching and instruction is made easy by means of a hand-held control panel with a touch-screen display.

24 V DC supply voltage enables mobile use as well as use at changing locations. Consistent lightweight construction and the state-of-the-art torque motors keep the energy demands of the lightweight arm down to an average of 80 W.  That lowers energy costs, provides for longer work periods when using rechargeable batteries, and also allows the use of small-format batteries.


Premio Bancaja para nuestro compañero M.Benetó

Bancaja y la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia han distinguido a nuestro compañero Marc Benetó con uno de los premios que organizan de forma conjunta, y que este año se encuentran en su XIV edición.

El galardón premia el Proyecto Fin de Carrera de Marc Benetó, ingeniero técnico en Informática de Sistemas. El trabajo fue realizado durante su etapa formativa en  nuestra empresa  y codirigido por Rafael López, Director de I+D de Robotnik.

Concretamente, el proyecto premiado tiene como objetivo la implementación y posterior simulación del robot móvil Guardian, uno de los productos de referencia de Robotnik, en el nuevo framework ROS (Robot Operating System), así como la utilización final de este modelo para la integración y prueba de algoritmos de navegación autónoma como AMCL, SLAM, .... El trabajo incluye el modelo cinemático, dinámico, control y sensorización de los diferentes elementos que conforman el robot.

¡Enhorabuena Marc!