Here are some reasons why you should consider robotics as a solution for automating intralogistics tasks. 

Intralogistics refers to internal logistics processes such as warehousing, transport and handling of materials or goods, stock control or feeding of production lines.

Strategic decisions for warehouse management are an important part of a successful productivity and profitability in a company. 

Intralogistics automation 

How many of the tasks that are performed every day in your warehouse are repetitive, mechanical or unpleasant for the operators? How many of these tasks could be optimised with automation? Read some information about robotics and automation solutions in intralogistics.

Intralogistics automation solutions are widespread to streamline intralogistics processes, and the results are most visible in the short to medium term. Robotics is enhanced thanks to technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence or 5G, allowing for greater precision and effectiveness than other machines or systems. 

Mobile robotics in intralogistics has arrived to help in an adaptable, flexible and scalable way that responds to the automation needs of the different stages of a business, depending on its development.

Can a Collaborative Mobile Robot be the intralogistics solution for automation? 

An AMR is an intelligent mobile robot capable of assisting a person at work in a shared and changing workspace.

The main goal of any company is to achieve maximum efficiency in its work processes. A Collaborative Mobile Robot helps to achieve this when it comes to transporting goods indoors. In this way, mobile robotics in the logistics and intralogistics sector optimises tasks that are repetitive, tedious and/or dangerous.

Today, any company, no matter how small, is in a position to implement this technology.

Advantages of robotics and mobile handling in logistics and intralogistics

Quick and easy to set up

Designed for sharing the workspace with people

Automation of repetitive or unsafe processes for people

Different localisation and navigation solutions

Flexible routes versus fixed routes of traditional AGVs

Advanced intelligent functions: people tracking, machine docking, voice communication and more

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) that allows map generation, location (waypoints) and routes to be defined in a simple and interactive way.

It has a FMS (Fleet Management System) that optimally coordinates the fleet of robots and shared resources of the company (corridors, lifts, etc.).

Why Robotnik?

Robotnik is a European leader in mobile robotics.

In 2008, Robotnik launched its first Collaborative Mobile Robots for autonomous transport in hospital environments. From then on, the portfolio of robotics solutions for logistics and intralogistics has expanded to adapt to the different environments of factories, warehouses or industries in general.

Robotnik’s products for internal logistics (intralogistics) is a comprehensive solution that includes: robot fleet, location systems, user interface (HMI) and Fleet Management System (FMS).

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