The upcoming 28th, 29th, and 30th of June, Robotnik Automation will be presenting at the 2010 Robotics Science and Systems Conference. We will be announcing the debut of our new Summit Mobile Platform.

Summit adds to our broad range of mobile platforms we currently offer, bringing extreme usability and low cost. Each wheel of the robot has a drive motor mounted on each axis with an independent damping system. It also uses pendulum counterweights on each wheel to increase stability.

In addition, Robotnik will be presenting with Barrett Technology, to aid in the presentation of their newest BarrettHand, the BH8-280.It provides a number of improvements, such as joint encoders, integrated tactile sensors and a new open source user interface.

Robotnik and Barrett will also give demonstrations of the Barrett WAM robotic arm and the Guardian mobile platform.

On behalf of the entire Robotnik team, you are invited  to come join us in the auditorium at the University of Zaragoza where we will be happy to assist you.