Great success of assistance and organization, in the last edition of the Ayri11 event, which took place last Thursday, 2017 October 19, at the Tecnocampus (Mataró). A congress that trained attendees through mini-courses and executed parallel presentations, given by 11 leading companies in the sector, among which was Robotnik.

The objective of the Ayri11 congress is to bring the technical knowledge of the products closer to the visitors. With 446 registered several leading companies, were shared the latest developments in the Automation and Industrial Robotics sector, on a general theme “Era 4.0”.

The founding partner of Ayri11, Mr. Javier García, explains to us: “We want to share the technical content of the Ayri11 partners with the technicians who make the decisions. The pillars of a company are generating wealth and creating employment. Training talent seems to be the great forgotten, this is where the maxim of Ayri11 and its partners is found. That is why we focus on providing continuous training to active technicians, but we also seek an immersion in the educational and training world ”.

Since 2011, 25 companies have joined, each and every one of which have contributed the technical and necessary knowledge to advise any company towards the “Era 4.0”, providing information to future talents that the world of work needs.