The 4.0 industry is a challenge for all the companies now. However, a lot of them are SMEs that can’t invest in complex robots to improve its productivity. For these companies, robotics sector has a solution: collaborative robots (cobots). Within this context, Collaborative Mobile Robots (CMR) become a great tool to workers in logistics tasks.

Why CMR are the solution?

At this moment, industries are ready for the CMR, because their installations don’t need practically to modify its environment (layout). There are different localization solutions available and all of them are easy to set up.

In fact, the installation only takes few days, and the operator does not need to have any special programming experience.

As CMR are appropriate to share the workspace with people, SMEs don’t need a large floor space. CMR are small, don’t need protection cages and can coexist several types of robots in the same installation.

For all these reasons, collaborative robotics technology is accessible to all the companies, SME’s included (since the economic impact is greater than in other bigger industries).

It makes no sense that one operator makes repetitive and dangerous tasks when it can be done by a mobile robot. A person can add more value to a company than a robot. Take advantage of it!

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