Robotnik, the solution for interior logistics according to has published the article today: Robotnik lanza su website para logística interior.

The number one platform of the Spanish language industry highlights the advantages of collaborative robots for SMEs and the integral solution offered by Robotnik Logistics. They say Robotnik Logistics that contains the solution and portfolio of collaborative mobile robots for internal transport tasks. does not forget to mention Robotnik's extensive real-world deployment experience since the first collaborative mobile robot that the company launched was in 2008 for autonomous transport in hospital environments.

Collaborative mobile robots help to obtain maximum efficiency for companies in their work processes by transporting goods indoors, thus optimizing repetitive, tedious and / or dangerous logistics tasks.


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Robohub recognizes the Robotnik's contribution to the logistics market with its collaborative mobile robots.

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Collaborative Robots for Logistics

Since 2002, Robotnik is specialized in the development of products and R&D projects in the field of service robotics.

Robotnik offers at its portfolio different mobile platforms and mobile manipulators for logistics. These kind of autonomous robots are suitable for warehouses, optimizing the productive proccess. All of them are collaborative platforms, appropiate to share the work space with people.

The main advantages of them are:

  • Free navigation
  • Goes around obstacles and finds new routes without getting stuck
  • Rapid Installation, don’t require infrastructure
  • Different localization solutions available
  • Some intelligence: allows applications as follow a person and autonomous charge

At this moment, Robotnik has the following mobile robots for logistics: RB-KAIROS, SUMMIT XL-STEEL, RB-2 BASE, RB-SHERPA, AGVS and RB-1 BASE. All of them integrate the Robotnik Fleet Management System.

The Robotnik FMS is the last iteration in the continuous development of tools to manage and coordinate a fleet of robots. Robots developing logistic tasks have to be coordinated using different scheduling policies and taking into account the management of shared resources, interfacing with warehouse systems, receiving transport missions from different sources (ERP, operators, etc…) or triggering such orders based on internal pre-programmed rules, assigning tasks to each subsystem and monitoring the fleet in real time.

AGVS: a new platform for intrahospital logistics with ROS

Robotnik has just launched to the market its AGVS platform with ROS architecture. It is an autonomous robot designed to transport logistics inside a hospital. The software of AGVS includes simulation and control packages in different work environments, maps generation, localization and route definition.

AGVS mobile platform is known for its traction system with two motors controlling direction and traction, so as an electrical axis to lift up and down the upper part of the robot, which is able to carry up to 500 Kg load. Moreover, AGVS provides two safety laser rangefinders (rear and front) allowing objects or people detection in its environment. Thanks to its Ackermann kinematic configuration, it can follow curves in an optimal way.

AGVS robot is currently implemented in some European hospitals, where it helps staff members in goods transportation tasks, optimizing time and resources of these hospitals.

Robotnik, 10 years of experiencie in the service robotics sector

Robotnik, a leading company in the Service Robotics sector, has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The company, of 100% Valencian origin and capital, focuses its professional activity on product development and the provision of engineering and R&D services in Robotics.

After ten years of experience, Robotnik has managed to consolidate itself as a reference company both nationally and internationally. Currently, Robotnik exports its own manufactured products, mainly autonomous mobile robots, to several countries in Europe, Asia and America. This commitment to internationalization has resulted in a new milestone for Robotnik: for the first time, export sales have exceeded those made in the domestic market.

Robotnik, 10 years of experiencie in the service robotics sector

Since the start of the company in 2002, there have been several highlights in the company's history. In 2004, Robotnik began a line of collaboration with universities, research centers and European companies thanks to its participation in the 6th EU Framework Programme. The European projects RESCUER and MASMICRO allowed the development of several of the company's first mobile platforms and opened a line of research that continues today.

Within this area, the design and implementation of the AGVS platform is especially noteworthy. Roberto Guzmán, CEO and founding partner of Robotnik, explains "The AGVS autonomous robot is, without a doubt, one of our most ambitious projects. This platform is intended for the autonomous transport of goods in the intra-hospital environment, which is a great help to health personnel in a basically mechanical work".

In 2005, Robotnik takes a new step in the diversification of its business activity by signing collaboration agreements with leading international companies in the robotics sector such as Barrett Technology and Schunk. Subsequently, these agreements will be extended to companies such as Kinova, Shadow and Aldebaran Robotics.

Robotnik is currently participating in six projects of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, an area where the company has extensive experience. Rafael López, R&D Director and founding partner of Robotnik, explains that "this collaboration allows us to be in contact with our European partners in the sector, updating our know-how, something absolutely essential in a sector such as technology. In addition, participation in these R&D projects has allowed us to take advantage of this research work to launch new products on the market.

Robotnik's future prospects are for growth and include continuing to evolve in the current markets of activity, as well as reaching new sectors within the Service Robotics, "this market is expected to reach, worldwide, 40,000 million dollars in 2015," says Roberto Guzmán.

Robotnik: Leader in the Robotic logistics sector

On the 14th of June the newspaper "El Mundo" published a three page spread of the important agreement recently reached between Robotnik and the Valencian General Government. Under that agreement Robotnik will provide  The Hospital La Fe in Valencia with six auto-guided robots that will transport - among other hospital goods - pharmaceuticals and residual products.

The robots, known as AGVS will enable the Hospital to optimize resources while reducing time spent distributing them throughout the hospital. The robots perform logistical work and transport goods to and from trucks automatically. The machines will be dedicated to repetitive high speed transporting along predetermined routes, transport of goods is uninterrupted and does not require the assistance of human workers.

This important agreement shows the prominence of Robotnik in current innovation, positioning it as a leading company in the world of service robotics.