Since 2002, Robotnik is specialized in the development of products and R&D projects in the field of service robotics.

Robotnik offers at its portfolio different mobile platforms and mobile manipulators for logistics. These kind of autonomous robots are suitable for warehouses, optimizing the productive proccess. All of them are collaborative platforms, appropiate to share the work space with people.

The main advantages of them are:

  • Free navigation
  • Goes around obstacles and finds new routes without getting stuck
  • Rapid Installation, don’t require infrastructure
  • Different localization solutions available
  • Some intelligence: allows applications as follow a person and autonomous charge

At this moment, Robotnik has the following mobile robots for logistics: RB-KAIROS, SUMMIT XL-STEEL, RB-2 BASE, RB-SHERPA, AGVS and RB-1 BASE. All of them integrate the Robotnik Fleet Management System.

The Robotnik FMS is the last iteration in the continuous development of tools to manage and coordinate a fleet of robots. Robots developing logistic tasks have to be coordinated using different scheduling policies and taking into account the management of shared resources, interfacing with warehouse systems, receiving transport missions from different sources (ERP, operators, etc…) or triggering such orders based on internal pre-programmed rules, assigning tasks to each subsystem and monitoring the fleet in real time.