The SUMMIT-XL STEEL model works in the facilities of the logistics company facilitating the tasks of the operators.

The objective is the automation of the transport of materials in their processes of picking and preparation of orders in the e-commerce sector. The application includes autonomous transport from the point of collection of items to the preparation and shipping area. In addition, there is a tracking mode in which the Collaborative Mobile Robot (CMR) follows the operator while collecting. Once when it is completed, the robot returns autonomously to the unloading area.

The Collaborative Mobile Robot automates a task that is repetitive and tedious, which ultimately results in an optimization of the work processes and, therefore, a better result. Thanks to the user interface, which is developed by Robotnik, the operator can interact with the robot in a very easy way through a touch screen. SUMMIT-XL STEEL has a robust design that allows it to support loads of up to 250 kg. For industrial applications of freight transport in indoor environments, such as warehouses or factories, Robotnik offers a solution that includes the fleet of robots itself, the Fleet Management System and the user interface (HMI). This enables the final customer to control their collaborative robots in a very easy, fast and effective way.

Robotnik’s Collaborative Mobile Robots, which work together with people with full security in work environments, making possible a fast and flexible start-up. Autonomous navigation is used with security lasers, so it is not necessary to install external physical elements (beacons, magnetic tapes, etc.).