The Construct is the company world leader in teaching ROS online. Every Tuesday it spreads a free ROS Live Class on its Youtube channel, where attendants can learn and practice a ROS subject.

The Construct has been teaching courses on ROS programming of our SUMMIT-XL in a simulated environment, but recently we understood that these master class will be more useful for the followers with a real demo with SUMMIT-XL mobile robot. Through it, The Construct have been able to do tests in real environment.

Since October 2017, The Construct teaches an online course about all you need to operate and use the SUMMIT-XL robot platform in the real world. You will learn it through hands on experience with a simulated version of the real robot which will have the exact same interface as the real one, thanks to ROS infrastructure..

SUMMIT-XL stands out for its high mobility and modularity. It has skid-steering kinematics based on 4 high power motorwheels. Furthermore, it can mount several sensors according to the final application (cameras, lasers, etc.). Therefore, SUMMIT-XL is a complete and strong option inside the autonomous mobile robotics market.

Now, The Construct shows how to control any real robot from the ROS Development Studio Cloud Robotics Platform with the example of the Robotnik SUMMIT-XL:

And at this video shows how easy is to setup and control a robot from ROSDS cloud robotics platform: