Industry 4.0 has opened the way to multiple forms of automation that aim to optimize productivity and improve work processes.

There are many companies, of different sizes, that already have different collaborative robots, that is, those that are designed to share with people a work environment with total security. The mobile manipulators (robot arm onboard a mobile robot) are the next step after the collaborative arms (cobots) and the collaborative mobile robots (CMR).

To fit in an industrial environment, a mobile manipulator must comply with several features:

  • Must be able to work with people safely
  • Must be autonomous
  • Not too expensive in setup time.
  • Easy setup and installation
  • Robustness and cycle time

In the industrial field, autonomous mobile manipulators can perform repetitive or heavy tasks. Among their tasks may be picking up and transporting goods.

Robotnik has been established as a European reference company in mobile service robotics. We provide a reliable solution that integrates robots, localization systemsconfiguration and programming tools (HMI) and Fleet Management System (FMS).

We have large experience in mobile manipulation, being partners of companies like Universal Robots, Schunk, Kinova or Barrett Technology. We have several products as RB-1, XL-GEN or RB-Kairos. The last one,  RB-Kairos integrates a UR5 arm from Universal Robots, one of the most established arms in the industry worldwide. In this sense, RB-Kairos is  suitable for the development of industrial tasks.