The upcoming 1th and 2nd of June, Robotnik Automation will be attending the Ayri11. We will be presenting our Modular Robotic Arm.

The  Modular Robotic Arm includes modular servo-actuators. These actuators are composed of a motor-gearbox, a power stage and a controller, so the resulting arm does not need an external control unit. Thus, the communications between the arm and the external environment are reduced to the minimum wires: 2 for CAN bus and 2 for power.

During the forum we will show the full range of products we have currently on the market (mobile platforms, robotic arms and hands …) and answer any questions you have about it.

On behalf of the entire Robotnik team, you are invited to come join us in the TecnoCampus of Mataró (Spain) where we will be happy to assist you.