RB-1 is the new robot of Robotnik, a mobile manipulator designed with extensibility and modularity for research and application customization.

RB-1 uses actuators corresponding with the product range Dynamixel PRO; these servo-actuators integrate controller and servo-amplifier inside the actuator housing. The arm has an anthropomorphic configuration of 7 DOF plus 1 DOF to elevate the torso and one gripper. The sensors are capable of recognize objects in the environment, but also for navigation and localization purposes.

Another advantage of RB-1 is that has completely open-source software, ROS, so everyone can contribute by uploading their own modules for development and programming. RB-1 is conceived to R&D applications, AAL (Ambient Assisted Living), indoor mobile manipulation or remote handling, among others.

RB-1 has different configurations, with an arm with 7 or 6 DOF, or just the mobile robot. We offer the possibility to customers that if they required a specific configuration we will grateful to hear it.

By the end, different media have been possible the diffusion of this new product of Robotnik.