Robotnik is the reseller in Europe of the new mobile platform TurtleBot 2 (Kobuki base). The robot has been developed by the Korean company Yujin Robotics in collaboration with Willow Garage and it will be marketed from next December (preorders are accepted).

TurtleBot 2, the evolution of the iRobot Create platform, is the cheapest robot in the market which supports ROS architecture. TurtleBot 2 is thought for the field of research and education, this differential kinematics mobile platform can be used for multiple applications, due to the huge number of available ROS packages.

The robot can be used in AAL (Ambient Asisted Living – Assisted Living as domestic robot capable of performing support functions); research in navigation,  localization and mapping, mobile manipulation, multi-robot systems, and as an educational tool.

TurtleBot 2 is a new version of the successful platform TurtleBot and it has many advantages over its predecessor: precise odometry, open protocol, higher autonomy, higher payload, higher speed, and improved mobility, larger diameter wheels and ability to overcome obstacles up to 12 mm.