‘Applications of Collaborative Mobile Robots’ is the title of the Robotnik’s webinar in the first edition of the ‘We Are Cobots’ virtual fair organized by our partner Universal Robots. The webinar, which will take place on June 17, aims to share Robotnik’s experience as a leading company in mobile robotics.

Collaborative Mobile Manipulation is now a reality within the reach of all companies competing within the framework of Industry 4.0. These are autonomous mobile manipulators fully prepared to work safely in environments where there are people. Their ability to perform mechanical and repetitive tasks, covering complete work shifts, make them a fundamental tool for an any industry that wants to position itself at the forefront of technology and occupy a position of relevance in today’s market.

The webinar shows the keys to know how to approach the implantation of mobile manipulation within the productive processes of a company.

If you are interested in Collaborative Mobile Manipulation, be sure to attend.