Robotnik is going to sponsor the 3rd ROS Developers Day (*formerly named “ROS Developers Conference“), which is a hands-on online event for robot operating system developers. The event aims to connect ROS developers around the world without geographical restrictions and to share and learn the latest ROS applications through real-time practice.

At this conference, the world’s top ROS developers will bring their latest results through a webcast. They will demonstrate their ROS projects in real-time, and the public will practice at the same time.

It’s the case of our colleague Alejandro Arnal, software developer from Robotnik. He will make a speech about ‘Working with mobile manipulators’. Mobile manipulators are robots composed of a mobile base and a robotic arm. By combining these two, robots are able to interact in human environments, being collaborative robots. Our colleague will teach the audience how to program a mobile manipulator and they will practice using Robotnik’s mobile manipulator RB-KAIROS.