If so, The Robot Report gives you the answer, or at least it brings you closer to it, in his article Top 10 ROS-based robotics companies in 2019, which introduces the 10 robotics companies that are right now considered international benchmarks in the sector. And, as it couldn’t be otherwise, Robotnik is on that list.

The Robot Report has developed its winning list following a series of own criteria among which are the following : you can buy the robot directly to manufacturers without going through intermediaries, the robot runs on ROS from minute one and the moment you acquire it you can program it at low level layering. The Robot Report concludes that Robotnik belongs to the top 10 ROS companies, because it meets all the above criteria and has become a collaborative world leader in mobile robotics.

Robotnik bet ROS dates back to the origins of software programming itself. Our R & D products meet the objectives of any developer : open source, customization options, modularity and ad hoc designs. This extends to all products of a large portfolio of both robots and mobile manipulators. In Robotnik not put limit to R & D and so we are in love with ROS.

The ROS philosophy led to Robotnik to create an online shop: ROS Components, which offers you the opportunity to purchase the components with support for ROS in the simplest way. While we contribute to the growth of the robotics community, providing some of the benefits of our online e-commerce to the Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF), the nonprofit organization responsible for the development of new versions and maintenance of the necessary infrastructure for servers, among other things.

At ROS Components you can find : from lasers to robotic hands and grippers, and also force sensors, robotic arms as well as mobile platforms and mobile manipulators. All of it supported by ROS, the reference software in robotics nowadays.