Robotnik has officially launched a new version of the SUMMIT-XL STEEL. The new platform of the SUMMIT-XL family stands out for having an ultra-resistant steel structure, omnidirectional configuration and is able to carry 200 kg payload. Like its predecessor, uses open architecture and modular control based on ROS and easily allows the integration of a wide list of sensors and manipulators.

The new SUMMIT-XL STEEL has an industrial safety system through PLC and improved control, navigation and mapping algorithms. In addition, it is ready for integration with high-level applications (FMS).

The new version is simpler and more intuitive for its use and maintenance. It has a greater internal capacity, it is much more versatile to add additional components and access to internal components is easier. Also, the space for the battery is larger, so the robot has more autonomy, up to 10 hours in continuous movement. As well, it is better protected against dust and liquids and it is offered with IP65 option.

The mobile platform is configured with omnidirectional kinematics that provide greater maneuverability. Rubber wheels can also installed thus providing skid-steering kinematics and the possibility to operate outdoors even in rough terrains

SUMMIT-XL STEEL is conceived for indoor logistics and general service robotics applications require high maneuverability and load capacity and R&D applications.

The platform, in its standard configuration, includes two 2D lasers and one inertial unit. Because it is modular and configurable, the integration of additional sensors is straightforward. These components allow the robot to navigate autonomously or remotely and perform manipulation tasks.

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