ROS CONTROL, an API to control them all

ROS has been one of the greatest advances of the robotics industry in the past years. Its development began as a way to help the development of robot applications, easing the communication between sensors and algorithms, following the paradigm of “program once, test everywhere”.

This has been the pattern of the last years, and ROS has performed extremely good in that way. For example, you could code an algorithm to take an image as its input, without caring about which model, resolution or connection type, as long as it was supported by ROS and adopted its API.

But this focusing on the high level layer of application development led to an unthinkable oblivion: How was the access to actuators managed? How were the references of the actuators calculated? As in the case of high level applications, where the end user shouldn’t care about the source and destination of the data used and produced by him, in the case of robot control the user shouldn’t care about which type of actuators are used by a robot.

But today, this is not the situation anymore. ROS Control is the API that has been developed by the ROS community to allow simple access to different actuators. Using this standard API, the controller code is separated from the actuator code. For example, one could write a new controller implementing a fancy control strategy, and test it on different hardware without changing a single line of code. Or one could test different control algorithm with same hardware to find the most suitable for its needs.

ROS Control has different features that make it really appealing: real time capabilities, that allows to run control loops at hundreds of hertz; a simple manager interface, that gives access to the actuators and handles resource conflicts; a safety interface, that knows the hardware limitation of the joints and ensures that the commands sent to the actuators are between their limits; and a set off-the-shelf controllers that are ready to be used.

Have you ever thought about the mapping between joint and actuator space? ROS Control already did it. Normally this mapping is one-to-one, i.e. one actuator controls one joint, and their movement is related by a gearbox, so you don’t need to do messy calculations. However, in case of more complex scenarios, e.g. when a differential transmission is used, ROS Control gives us an elegant solution through its transmission interface to cope with this problem.

What about mixing different robot components into one? This is a trend nowadays, where robot components are autonomous and usable on their own, but can also be assembled into a single functional system. In those cases, ROS provides high level coordination between the components, but with ROS Control this coordination is also achieved at the low level, extending the control possibilities to far and beyond, for example, with a more coupled control between a robotic arm and the tool attached to it.

Finally, the separation between controllers and actuators allows an interesting option: simulation. Gazebo, the standard robot simulator used by ROS, implements simulated ROS Control actuators, and one can write and test a controller even before it has the real robot available. This feature of ROS Control is used at Robotnik to test new kinematic configurations for its most edgy robots, allowing for quick prototype delivery.

ROS Control is one of the key parts for the domination of the robotic world by ROS. As a world leading company in the ROS community, Robotnik makes an extensive use of ROS Control to give its customers the best products available on the market.

Robotnik participará en la Gobal Robot Expo 2017

La feria Global Robot Expo se consolida como un referente del sector en Europa.

Robotnik asiste como expositor, junto su partner Schunk, a la segunda edición del certamen Global Robot Expo, que se celebrará los días 2, 3 y 4 de febrero en el Pabellón de Cristal de la Casa de Campo de Madrid.

Global Robot Expo se consolida así como una cita destacada en la agenda del sector robótico en Europa, y en ella se darán cita las empresas más representativas del mismo, así como otros agentes sociales (Administración, universidades, etc.).

En nuestro stand, los visitantes podrán ver en acción la plataforma móvil SUMMIT XL, el manipulador móvil RB-1 y el brazo robótico LWA 4P.

Estaremos encantados de recibiros en nuestro stand (81-82). ¡Os esperamos!

IROS and ROSCon 2016, leading technology and World Robotics Experts meeting

Robotnik has been in the 2016 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS 2016) and ROSCon held in Daejeon, Korea. The conference have been integrates with full of workshops, exhibitions, robot demonstrations, and social activities for attendees and guests.

Robotnik have shown its great robotic platforms at the conferences. The RB-1 and flagship SUMMIT-XL have been there to show up the people their capacities.

Take a look to some pictures from the events.


SUMMIT XL and RB-1 moving around the fair


Robotnik team in the stand with its partner Barrett Technologies.



RB-1 at your service on the exhibitor hall.

Thank you very much to all fairgoers. It was a pleasure to meet all your queries and concerns!

Robotnik asistirá al ROSCon y al IROS 2016



ROSCon 2016

Robotnik estará presente en la conferencia ROSCon 2016, que se celebra los días 8 y 9 de Octubre en Conrad Seoul, Seúl, Korea. Estaremos presentes en el Stand/Booth - 11.



IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems

Robotnik atenderá el IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) con su socio Barrett Technology.

Robotnik llevará al evento tres robots que soportan ROS, la plataforma móvil SUMMIT XL HL con ruedas mecanum, el manipulador robótico RB-1 y el brazo Barrett WAM.

Este gran acontecimiento tendrá lugar en el Daejeon Convention Center, Seoul, Korea, entre los días 9 y 14 de Octubre. Podrás encontrarnos en el Stand/Booth - B13.

A Robotnik le complace invitarles a asistir a estos dos grandes eventos y acercaros a nuestro stand donde tendremos el placer de atender cualquier pregunta o duda sobre nuestra empresa, productos y servicios.