Robotic applications in Industry 4.0 have become a determining factor for growth for companies in different sectors, thanks to the benefits of this type of intelligent automation.

At Robotnik, we develop automated solutions to expand and optimize mobile robotics applications in logistics, inspection or maintenance, among others.

What can boost an industry’s growth in the age of automation?

In a global, competitive, and uncertain market, fast growth is possible when an industry invests its resources in automated tools.  Those tools allow industries to have greater control over their production and avoid workers from repetitive tasks.

How Industry 4.0 helps to grow companies?

Industry 4.0 helps the companies to grow sustainably and efficiently at a good solid pace, focused on using its technology to help people improve the way they work and their quality of life. 

Creating more flexible processes

This is one of the main objectives of Industry 4.0 processes and what optimizes production lines to make them more versatile, adaptable, and streamlined when it comes to introducing changes or adapting production to customer needs.

Robotic applications

Saving costs

The starting point here is to save the most valuable resource of all: time. This means a shorter time to market and the ability to increase production. More efficient production also means smarter use of materials and supplies, as well as lower maintenance costs. Overall, production is higher and there are lower costs per finished unit.

Increasing process control

This will facilitate a better monitoring of results and more efficient error detection. As a result, there will be a greater capacity to anticipate and prevent the assembly line from suffering interruptions, wasting unnecessary time on certain tasks, or lowering quality standards.

With increased control over each stage of production, there will also be an improvement in worker safety, thus guaranteeing a risk-free working environment.

Improving information

Mobile robotics applications generate data and create predictive models that streamline decision-making. 

The interconnection between robotic applications in Industry 4.0 helps you to create and share data that is then converted into more detailed and up-to-date information, thus enabling companies to make improvements or predict results more accurately.

Accessing new markets

With improved productivity, greater control over the production, and better use of the information generated by the mobile industrial robots, the industry will now have everything in its favor to enable it to expand into new markets, reach new potential customers, and have greater bargaining power due to an increased company value.

Mobile robotics applications in Industry 4.0

The mobile robotics automate tasks such as load transporting in indoor and outdoor environments. This is a standard application in logistics for example. Thank you the Fleet Management System (FMS), these robots are coordinated among them and with the other tools of the company. 

In the case of inspection and maintenance applications, which involves the execution of repetitive and exhaustive tasks, the mobile robots, equipped with sensors or machine vision can autonomously monitor the state of infrastructures or access risk areas to ensure they are safe before operators intervene.

Growing faster sustainably, and exploiting the opportunities of Industry 4.0 is where mobile robotics applications have much to contribute, not least in making projects safer, more efficient, and less costly.