Collaborative robotics is one of the great advances in the world of Industry 4.0 and shows us that our industrial future is a workspace where robots and humans operate together, each of them working to their own particular strengths.

While robots are experts in repetitive tasks, accuracy, and consistency in applying the same criteria in a task over and over again, industry professionals have the creativity and problem-solving skills to make the most of collaborative robotics and expand its applications.

In the midst of this new collaborative work environment, RB-KAIROS+ has emerged as a mobile solution to expand the possibilities of Universal Robots e-Series arms and improve production line efficiency.

What is RB-KAIROS+?

RB-KAIROS+ is a mobile robotic platform designed for the plug & play integration of Universal Robots e-Series arms, enabling them to move efficiently around the work floor.

This robot base provides mobility and autonomy to the URe arms, enhancing and expanding their applications.

RB-KAIROS+ has been developed with hardware and software that will facilitate the installation of the robotic arm, thus obtaining a powerful and easy to use collaborative mobile manipulator. The robot software is integrated in Polyscope, thus allowing easy programming and a combination of arm and base commands.

RB-KAIROS+ is a collaborative mobile manipulator because it can work in different industry environments, sharing the workspace with operators in a safe way.

Features of the RB-KAIROS+ collaborative mobile manipulator

RB-KAIROS+ has been designed to be used in conjunction with Universal Robots robotic arms, and this mobile manipulator boasts the UR+ certificate that guarantees its compatibility with the models: UR3, UR5, UR10, UR3 e, UR5 e, UR10 e, and UR16 e.

The RB-KAIROS+ design consists of a mobile platform with omnidirectional and sliding kinematics, and 4 driving wheels. It is a robust steel platform capable of transporting up to 250 kg payload.

Robotnik allows a wide range of configurations of the RB-KAIROS+, with sensors and components that create an integral, autonomous, and fully adapted collaborative mobile manipulator for the UR+ ecosystem.

How does my company benefit from integrating RB-KAIROS+?

Industries that are automating their lines through collaborative robotics will be able to expand the potential of their cobots, due to the increase of the number and types of areas they can work in, thus accomplishing:

  • The extension of the use of cobots to a wider range of applications enabled by the unlimited workspace capability.
  • Wider potential in the application of diverse industrial tasks.
  • Greater profitability and improvement in the processes due to the versatility of the cobots with an investment centred on a single mobile platform compatible with the entire Universal Robots e-Series.
  • An increase in productivity due to the automation of manual
  • A mobile platform that can share the workspace with human operators, thus creating safer and more flexible industrial and working environments.
  • A mobile platform that enables a repetitive, yet precise, and consistent, mechanical work rate, in the same way as with the Universal Robots e-Series arms.

The qualitative improvement that RB-KAIROS+ provides

Another great advantage of RB-KAIROS+ is that it increases the working potential of the robotic arms, thus expanding their industrial applications with exact and precise movements.

This is how a robotic arm can improve its efficiency when performing pick & place or part feeding applications, and thus provide a better supply to assembly lines.

The increased movement capacity, together with the rotation of the cobot, allows faster and more accurate quality control and metrology tasks.

The RB-KAIROS+ can support up to 250 kg payload, which helps the robotic arm to improve the way it handles large packages and the automation of storage tasks, with better use of space and an improved response time.

Its repeatability and precision in its movements help a cobot to perform constant and repetitive mechanical tasks, such as polishing, screwing, drilling, cleaning etc.

The synergy between Robotnik and Universal Robots has enabled us to create RB-KAIROS+ and improve our Collaborative Mobile Robots (CMR) portfolio, meeting the needs of automated industries that are committed to the advantages of collaborative robotics.