Robotnik is responsible for the designing and developing of the mobile platform that will enable the development of a robotic smart home. The aim is to achieve an assistant within the household environment, whose task is to get information, discreetly and undisturbed, to improve the lives of the inhabitants of the house.

The Radio Project is based on the fast growing of life expectancy and the need to assist an increasingly aging population and chronic diseases. The project aims to create an adapted and trained environment, starting with the implementation of technological solutions by integrating robots and domotic sensors that are accepted in daily life as a natural element of the house.

Robotnik’s platform is based on the mobile robot TURTLEBOT2. The platform collects and analyses behavioural data in order to attract the doctor‘s attention when necessary, helping to diagnose symptoms early and take timely remedial action.

In the end-users daily activities, RADIO observes activities of daily life and uses these observations to establish patterns and identify deviations. These can range from the time spent out of the house or carrying out a given activity in it, to sleeping patterns, to recognizing whether the end-user has changed clothes, washed, or other indications specified by the doctor.

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