Robotnik Automation is the official and exclusive distributor of Fetch Robotics’ products in Europe.

Fetch Robotics is a company with an ample experience in the robotics market and provides solutions for the logistics and light industry. Their platforms are based on the open source operating system, ROS. Fetch has a clear vision, create robots that can work close to people.

Fetch team has developed two new products, a mobile robot called Freight and a robotic manipulator called Fetch. These two platforms are integrated and can perform tasks together.

Fetch is a manipulator arm of 7 DOF able to carry at least 6 kg. Thanks to its sensors both platforms and arms detect obstacles and avoid collisions. Achieving a greater range of security to people and environment. The arm integrates a modular gripper and thanks to its sensors, it safely catches and holds objects.

Moreover, we have Freight, a mobile base that can work independently or together with Fetch. Freight as a loading system provides an efficient and safe delivery. In addition, sensors can detect the location and avoid collisions.

Overall, thanks to a base charger, the platforms can be recharged autonomously and be shared.