Robotnik launches the new RB-KAIROS 16, an omnidirectional mobile robot that integrates the new Universal Robots UR16 manipulator.

With this latest addition, the RB-KAIROS product range increases its payload in the final effector up to 16 kg, improving the possibilities in applications such as pick & place, metrology, screwing, drilling, loading/unloading of machinery, quality control, etc. In addition, the mobile manipulator benefits from the advantages of the arms and URxe controllers with greater frequency and force-torque control in the final effector.

RB-KAIROS is the perfect option to increase the work space of a cobot, reaching any position and with the capability to work on pieces of any size. The robot has an autonomy of eight hours and optionally a charging station which allows the arm to keep working during the charging process. The programming of the robot is simple and possible from any handheld device, making possible to launch simple applications in a few minutes. The robot can mount the range of UR+ standardized accessories (cameras, vision systems, grippers, vacuum grippers) fully compatible and with plug&play connection to the robot.