Robotnik has just participated in the conference about collaborative robotics and industry 4.0 organized by the University of Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). In it, Robotnik contributed with its experience in collaborative robotics, showing real cases for the industry. The conference held by María Benítez, Marketing Director of Robotnik, helped to present the advantages of collaborative mobile robotics: flexibility in implementation, controlled costs and the possibility of working safely in work environments where there are people.

Several media have attended the event. Among them, the Tribuna de Ciudad Real, which has published the article “The paper of collaborative robotics in the industry”, which highlights the optimization of production processes, the lower cost and the highest quality and competitiveness that collaborative robotics brings.

Furthermore, Lanza Diario de La Mancha highlights in its report “The human and robot plants are already part of the present” what is a reality: the implementation of collaborative robots in industries, of different sizes, to carry out mechanical work and repetitive.

Below are the information issued and published: