The research team AutonOHM from the  Nuremberg Institute of Technology Georg Simon Ohm in Germany has achieved the triumph in the Rescue Robot League of RoboCup German Open 2015. They have reached the first position using their robot Simon based on our SUMMIT XL.

The SUMMIT XL has taken part in a competition which simulates a disaster scenario like a tsunami or an earthquake. The robot has been customize with a variety of sensors, 3D cameras, laser scanners, gas sensors and microphones to get the most mobility and autonomous robot as possible to develop tasks in the rescue area.


The team AutonOHM, formed by professional researchers on robotics and highly complex technology, have relied on one of the Robotnik flagship platforms, the SUMMIT XL to compete in the event. The robot is mainly focused on research and can be used on several applications like remote monitoring and surveillance. SUMMIT XL is an open-source mobile platform based on ROS.