robotics in food industry

Robotics enabled the Spanish vineyard to optimize its competitiveness and sustainability

The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Food and Environment (Mapama), specified by resolution of August 10, 2017, the granting of the subsidy for the creation of the supra-autonomous operational group called “Applications and use of Robotics in the management of Vineyard ”(Acronym ROBODRONVI), within the framework of the National Rural Development Program and in the relationship with the European Association for Innovation in agricultural productivity and sustainability (AEI-AGRI). ROBODRONVI, is a Strategic Reflection Operational Group that was created with the aim of promoting the application of robotics (air and land) as a tool that facilitates operational decision-making in wine farms by winegrowers and technicians. In addition, this is to improve the competitiveness, profitability and sustainability of the Spanish wine sector.


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RB-1 Base robots star in a successful demonstration at TU Dortmund

The German minister for education and research, Prof. Dr. Wanka, has visited the new innovation laboratory "Hybrid Services in Logistics" in TU Dortmund. The Department of Machines and Systems is researching new methods and technologies in the area of human-machine interaction and driverless transport vehicles within the scope of the application center.

Inside the project called Innovationslabor, Robotnik had the opportunity to show the capabilities of its RB-1 Base. Several units of our mobile robot demonstrate the potential of them to logistics tasks.

Robotnik shows at ROSCon and IROS 2017 its ‘friendly’ (and collaborative) robots

ROSCon and IROS 2017 will celebrate since 21st until 28th of September in Vancouver, Canada BC. Robotnik team will be present in both to share with you our experience in collaborative robots agree the theme of IROS “Friendly People, Friendly Robots”.

Robotnik is reference in Europe in Mobile Service Robotics. You can test our robots at the events and meet of first-hand the possiblities of our mobile robots in different applications, as, for example, RB-1 Base, suitable for logistic tasks or R&D, among others.

We’re waiting you at IROS (322 booth) and ROSCon!!

robotics in food industry

Precision viticulture takes another step thanks to the Vinbot project

The European project VINBOT, based on precision viticulture, has just finished after three years of intense work.

The VINBOT robot is based on the mobile autonomous platform SUMMIT XL and the main objective of it is to optimize the performance management and the quality of the wine.

This has been made possible thanks to the wide sensing that the robot is equipped with and has allowed it to capture and analyze images of vineyards and 3D data through the use of cloud computing applications.

VINBOT emerges as a response to the need to boost the quality of European wines through the application of precision viticulture. The project, which has successfully completed, will allow wineries and winemakers to be able to make accurate predictions of the performance of their vineyards. Once this is done, the production and marketing of the wines can be favorably organized.

ROS Components, because robotics means ROS

ROS Components is a division of Robotnik Automation Group, leading company in the European service robotics market.

The rise and potential of all the robots and devices using ROS has led us to create this new and exciting project, where we intend to offer a huge range of products in a simple and useful way for the customer. The client will be able to find all the technical information and support of any product at the same place: ROS Components.


In recent years, ROS has become the standard in Service and Research Robotics, and it’s making great advances in the Industry sector.

Most of the robots and components in the market support ROS, though sometimes finding which are really supported, what ROS version they make use, and how to get them is a difficult task. One of our main purposes is to make it easier and simpler for the customer, linking the products with their ROS controllers, explaining how to install and configure them and showing where to find useful information about them. All the products in the site are supported by ROS, either available directly in the ROS distribution or through their source code.

From ROS-Components we strongly believe that ROS is and will be the standard in Robotics for many more years. Therefore we want to encourage roboticists to use it (whether you are not already doing so) as well as manufacturers to give support to From ROS Components we try to encourage the use of ROS as well as its maintenance and growth. Therefore we are going to donate part of the benefits of every sale to the OSRF. So, every time you buy in ROS Components, you’ll be contributing to the ROS maintenance and development. Apart from this, you also can directly contribute with the OSRF through the following link.

On the other hand, we want to encourage the ROS community to participate in the development, improvement and documentation of ROS packages ( as well as in helping with ROS related problems (

The ROS community has a new meeting point in ROS Components!


ROS Components!

osrf_logoRos logo


SUMMIT-XL STEEL is a mobile robotic platform for application development (logistics, indoor transport, surveillance, etc.). It has a robust design and can carry up to 130 Kg payload.

Take a look to the mobile platform in movement on the following link:

The STEEL version of the SUMMIT-XL  is based on ROS and can incorporate a wide variety of lidars, structures, manipulators and others customizations.

SUMMIT-XL STEEL dimensions

mobile robotFind more information about SUMMIT-XL STEEL.


ROBOTNIK will be in the ERF 2016

On 21 March, Robotnik will be present at the "European Robotics Forum 2016" organized by euRobotics. The event stands as a meeting point for researchers, engineers and industry players. The forum, which will take place on 21, 22 and 23 of March in Ljubljana (Slovenia), is one of the most relevant for the European robotics community. About 500 experts from across Europe will present their strategies to maximize the benefits of robotics in the economy and European society for the coming years.


Robotnik, company specialized in mobile service robotics, is exhibiting at the ERF, where it will show robots like the mobile platform SUMMIT-XL.

On behalf of the entire Robotnik team, you are invited to come join us in the Cankarjev Dom (stand number V-12).

We will be happy to assist you!

Press release February 2016.


SUMMIT XL STEEL: Steel resistance

Robotnik has officially launched its mobile platform SUMMIT-XL STEEL. This is the new member of the family SUMMIT XL, which stands out for having an ultra resistant steel structure capable of supporting up to 75 kg.The new mobile platform uses open architecture and modular control based on ROS and easily allows the integration of a wide list of sensors and manipulators.

The mobile platform has skid-steering and can be configurated with omnidirectional kinematics that provide greater mobility and improve indoors accuracy .

SUMMIT-XL STEEL is conceived for R&D, surveillance, military, access to hazardous areas, among others.

The platform, depending on its end application, can integrate diverse sensorization as GPS, cameras, lasers 2D and 3D, structures, torsos and manipulators. These components allow the robot to navigate autonomously or remotely and perform manipulation tasks.

Find out more about SUMMIT-XL STEEL.


Robotnik launches a new version of the mobile manipulator RB-1 and RB-1 BASE

RB-1 is an ideal autonomous robot for indoor research.

Robotnik has launched the new version of its mobile manipulator RB-1, which allows integration of a MICO² or a JACO² arm from Kinova. The unlimited rotation of both arms has extended the manipulation options while providing greater ease of movement. Finally, both arms can incorporate a hand of two or three fingers.

The robotic platform allows the development of applications such as remote monitoring, AAL (Ambient Assisted Living Environment) or manipulation of objects indoors.

The integration of a RGBD sensor in the pan-tilt also allows RB-1 to recognize the objects in their environment and develop tasks of navigation and positioning.

Meanwhile, the mobile platform can be bought separately. RB-1 BASE can carry different loads or materials with high autonomy.

Both RB-1 and RB-1 BASE incorporate open source software based on ROS. It includes hundreds of user contributed packages and sets of packages called stacks, that implement functionality as localization and mapping, planning, manipulation, perception, etc.

Video of the RB-1 BASE on the move:


SUMMIT-XL in the 'V GMV Robotics days'

The multinational GMV has celebrated its 'V Robotics days' within the European Robotics Week (23-29 November) in Spain. More than 400 events related to robotics took place throughout the week, showing the latest developments, new researches and applications.


The mobile platform, SUMMIT-XL, has made an exhibition of its capabilities on these days. A speed control and positioning exhibition of the robotnik's robot.


The SUMMIT-XL which has participated in the euRathlon 2015 competition along hand with Sarrus team from the Center for Automation and Robotics (CAR) of the Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) has highlighted throughout the week. The versatile and robust platform that uses ROS technology has been developed for search and rescue applications of survivors in catastrophic environments.